3 Ways of Wisdom

Wisdom of Life

Everything you have experienced so far leaves behind traces. Memories are stored in your emotions and thoughts, allowing your mind to consult them in a similar situation in the future. Your mind further makes use of what you have observed in others. Wisdom of life is closely connected to yourself and limited to the sum of your previous impressions in life. Your mind cannot access things you have never experienced before, whether in yourself or in others.

Wisdom of Life is about your own experiences and stories of decisions and explanations, and those of others.

Philosophical Wisdom

When you look into your future or at your relationships, some things may seem insecure, unpredictable or incomprehensible. This in turn may trigger undesired feelings and thoughts. With the entire human knowledge in mind, philosophical wisdom takes a look at life and its natural laws. It lets you discover interconnections and explanations, allowing you to combine and expand your collected experiences.

Philosophical Wisdom comprises the human knowledge about »the good« for the individual in conjunction with the good for everyone.

Spiritual Wisdom

What your mind imagines or wishes for may not be the same as what your soul is longing for. Something that you desire in the near term may not necessarily be good for you in the long term. However, it all has its rights and justification. Spiritual wisdom considers this fact. With the knowledge about the nature and needs of the soul, it accompanies you on your individual path towards an entirely fulfilling life.

Spiritual Wisdom includes your spiritual needs and the spiritual state of others to take decisions for your life.