About us

»For more than 25 years, we have accompanied people along their path. In personal consultations and coachings. In lectures and workshops at our research and education institute. With books which have been published in up to 26 languages and become bestsellers in many countries. We work for people and with people to help them in very personal areas of their life.«

Ruediger Schache & Nicole Diana | Spouses and founders of Spirify®YourLife

Ruediger Schache

… is one of the world’s leading wisdom teachers and experts in the field of relationships, questions of meaning and life. He is also an internationally renowned author of novels and non-fiction books.

Reasons for what he is doing

In his late thirties, Ruediger lost his wife, job and career – all within just a few months. After that he gave away all of his possessions except for 75 items. Without any plan or securities, he spent several years on a personal quest for experience, knowledge, wisdom and meaning across different regions around the world. After his return he wrote several consecutive bestsellers, which have been translated in up to 26 languages.

Nicole Diana

…is one of the most experience wisdom and meditation teachers and also an instructor, trainer, life coach and expert in holistic natural medicine with her own office.

Reasons for what she is doing

Nicole Diana escaped death five times in her life. The story and circumstances of her life brought her, apart from her great spiritual experiences and lessons, the lifetime task of being a researcher and expert in the field of holistic alternative medicine. For more than twenty years, she has dedicated her life to a single mission – to improve life, health, mental state and relationships of people in every respect.

Love. Live. Team.

Ruediger and Nicole Diana are a married couple today and work together as a team. They share practical knowledge about life, love, meaning, relationship, profession, spirituality, psychology, philosophy and medicine – always drawing on their own experience and deeply convinced that awareness, wisdom, compassion, love and thankfulness are vital to make inner and outer life fulfilling and worthwhile.