Can the App be your Friend? Take the Test.

Best friends remind you of who you really are. They bring your own thoughts and emotions back on track and help you see the positive aspects of a certain situation or about life in general, and they help you to tackle future challenges with confidence.

This is precisely the purpose of the SpirifyYourLife App.

Take the following test and find out whether this app might become a best friend for you: 

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1. Do you believe that a relationship filled with knowledge and wisdom will work better than if you just let things happen by themselves?


2. Do you think it is good to remind yourself often about the things that are important for you in your life?


3. Would you describe yourself as a profound person?


4. Are you happy when you gain a fundamental insight that is of current or future importance?


5. Do you gain a lot from getting into contact with people who are interested in similar profound topics like you?


6. Do you often ask the question of why in situations where others to not ask any further?


7. Do you love the truth? Do false or manipulative people bother you?


8. Do you sometimes feel like an outsider or alien with your thoughts and views?


9. Do many of your thoughts revolve around correlations and explanations?


10. Do you have a notion of or longing for a form of love that others don’t seem to have in the same way?


11. Do you often feel the wish to liberate yourself or get away from something, but you don’t know exactly what it is?


12. Do you find it hard to share the aims of other people? Or even if you understand them, do you have your own aims instead that others cannot really understand?


13. Do you feel relieved or enriched when you understand something about people, relationships, thoughts, and life, whether through a book or in other ways?


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