Give Your Help. For A Better Life.

Taking Response

Jane Goodall has dedicated her life to the protection of animals, nature and the preservation of peace on earth.

This is part of our values as well. Therefore we have decided for a Chimp Guardianship.

You can support Janes idea of a better world as well. Become a Chimp Guardian, donate or become a Member.

Helping Kids

We are a UNICEF sponsoring member.

Children are the future of our planet. Share your love for children. Join and become a helping member too.

Collecting Truth

We are a WIKIPEDIA sponsoring member.

Freely accessible knowledge is the foundation of our human development. Support knowledge and truth as well.

Protecting Nature

We are a WWF sponsoring member.

Nature is what we are made of. Nature ist what we inhale in every moment. The way we treat nature is the measuring unit for our wisdom. Make a difference and become a sponsor too.

Helping those in need


Disasters can affect any of us. Make a difference and become a sponsor too.