12 reasons to choose The Power of Wisdom

by Ruediger Schache & Nicole Diana | founder of Spirify®YourLife

1 Quiteing Thoughts

If something touches you in your life or in a relationship, your thoughts race through your mind. If you cannot understand or solve the issue, your thoughts keep revolving around it endlessly, as it is their task you bring unsolved situations to an end. Even if this is not possible from the outside and even if you know that it makes no sense. You feel nervous, pressured and unhappy, until the issue has been resolved.

The power of wisdom soothes your mind. It provides a solution for the seeking thoughts and brings inner conflicts to a positive end.

2 Higher Intelligence

A basic characteristic of intelligence is the ability to identify patterns and correlations. Wisdom reveals new and higher correlations and adds an extra level to your knowledge and to your natural intelligence. Wisdom asks questions that no one else will ask, and it finds answers that no one else will find. These answers enhance the intellectual possibilities that help you approach your aims, tasks and problems.

The power of wisdom lets you overlook the valleys from the top of a mountain, seeing correlations, opportunities and ways you would never have noticed while being down in the valley.

3 Love and Self-Love

Many people are longing for more love and wonder how they can achieve this. It is very simple – love is complete acceptance. You cannot love something that you reject at the same time. Thus, the shortest way to more love is to remove separating, condemning or rejecting thoughts about yourself, others and the world. Replace a rejecting thought with an accepting thought and it will become love. That’s the magic of non-rejection.

The power of wisdom replaces the painful perception of separating thoughts by higher perspectives of connective thoughts. And each time, one more piece of love will be growing within you.

4 Fulfilling Relationships

A good relationship comes from an understanding, benevolent and wise connection of two personal spheres. A wise manner of thinking and acting is the ideal way to continuously replace undesired emotions, responses and expectations with the ultimate state of a relationship between two people: dignity, appreciation of and unconditional love for one another.

The power of wisdom significantly improves your inner state and contribution to relationships. If both partners pursue this state, their joint sphere will become fulfilling and stable on a long-term basis.

5 More Power and Energy

In its normal state, the brain uses about 20% of your total life energy. In a state of emergency, it can use up to 90%. When you have a conflict or problem, your brain considers this situation to be a state of emergency and it permanently requires new energy in order to brood over things. That’s why your body burns out when you have a mental conflict.

The power of wisdom relieves your brain of exhausting recurring thoughts, as it provides perspectives and solutions that put everything together in a logical and harmonious manner.  Your life energy will rise again considerably.

6 Better Decisions

The more true and logical thoughts you have at hand, the better and more reassured you will feel with your decision. Wisdom increases the amount of true and logical thoughts your mind can use when taking a decision. At the same time, it brings peace to your decisions as the stress of having overlooked something disappears.

The power of wisdom enhances your ability to fully anticipate the implications of certain decisions and to take decisions here and now that will feel good and right in retrospect.

7 Fulfilment and Meaning

Meaning and fulfilment are not the result of coincidence or luck. They are the result of all thoughts and actions regarding the question of meaning and fulfilment you have worked out yourself. You will look back on a good and meaningful life when everything within you thinks and says it is precisely this. The meaning you give to your life is a personal decision. The fulfilment you feel comes from the positive thoughts and emotions resulting from it. You have full influence on both of these elements.

The power of wisdom helps your thoughts see all the good, meaningful and successful things that are easily overlooked as they are right under your nose, sitting opposite you or happening within you.

8 Lasting Happiness

Success creates happiness. This can first of all be derived from a purely biological process as your brain triggers feelings of happiness as soon as you have solved a problem or produced a result. Sometimes, however, it cannot be achieved ‘on the outside’ as it depends on too many factors. However, to achieve happiness it is sufficient for your mind to achieve results within you. Recognising, understanding, learning, growing, being mindful – any positive thought makes you happy. And it will forever belong to you.

The power of wisdom leads and accompanies your mind on the path towards thinking positive things again and again and to achieve new outcomes through valuable insights.

9 Emotional Security

When your mind considers different options, but sees no safe end for any of them, it falls into  a state of instability and stress. The uncertain outcome of a situation is a source of threat, and potential threats cause fear. Fear in turn paralyses and troubles you, it limits your perception or leads to wrong decisions. 

The power of wisdom is your safe harbour, while you see others fighting in the storm of life. It reveals to your mind doors and ways for each situation, it brings unresolved issues to an end and it never leaves your mind alone with unanwered questions.

10 Clear Charisma

Everything you think, feel and speak and the way you do it creates your charisma. And this charisma is felt by others. In this way, life around you responds to the sum of everything you are. The more explicit and clearer you are, the more explicit and clearer people, relationships and life in general will arrange around you. You are the magnet that arranges everything.

The power of wisdom supports you in finding your personal clarity about all important aspects of your life, in strengthening your inner magnet and in keeping it focused in challenging situations.

11 Contentedness

Contentedness arises when your mind notices something and considers it to be good. You can influence the things that life brings you only to a certain degree. However, what you can influence to a great extent are the things you notice in life and what you make of it. Your contentedness will not depend so much on the events that occur, but much more on what you decide to think about them. Being a conscious person, you can choose.

The power of wisdom supports you in seeing the positive aspects about everything that happens in life and in benefiting from the situation by using knowledge and wise thoughts.

12 Inner Arrival

If you feel like searching for something within you, your life with all its events, people and relationships may seem like a scenery passing in front of a train window – like life and you are not really in harmony. This situation may at times make a part of you unhappy that is longing for stability, arriving and inner home. 

The power of wisdom makes the train your home. It supports you in your love for your observation that everything is permanently changing. Having found wisdom as a friend means you have found yourself.