The Values and Aims of Spirify®YourLife

by Ruediger Schache & Nicole Diana | Founder of Spirify®YourLife

Why yalues and aims?

Relationships, love, life planning, job, meaning, happiness, success… Life is almost always about values and aims.

  • Your aims are your personal answer to all questions of »Where to?«
  • Your values are your personal answer to all questions of »How?«
  • Collectively, your values and aims are your answer to the question of »Who am I?«
  • The more authentic you lead your life and the more authentic you are able to communicate your values and aims, the more enriching, harmonious and happier your future will be.

We have clearly formulated the values and aims of SpirifyYourLife to help you see how well SpirifyYourLife complies with your attitudes towards life.

What is SpirifyYourLife?

SpirifyYourLife is a path and a commitment for a holistic, wise and smart way of thinking and acting with our hearts, minds and in an ethical way. SpirifyYourLife will not bind anyone, but support everyone who feels addressed by the following values and aims.

Fundamental values

  • The fundamental ethical and spiritual values are love, kindness, sympathy and friendliness.
  • The fundamental interpersonal values are individuality, voluntariness, equality and respect.
  • The fundamental scientific values are logic, consistency and personal verifiability.
  • All fundamental values and information provided are based on scientific evidence, modern psychology and philosophy.


  • The individual aim of SpirifyYourLife is to support what the great philosophers called »the good life«. An all-embracing and sustained positive life, driven by self-confidence, love, respectful relationships, clear thoughts, dignity and wisdom.
  • The paramount objective of SpirifyYourLife is to raise the collective consciousness by sharing and increasing knowledge and skills for a positive human thinking and acting.


  • SpirifyYourLife does not belong to any religion or religious community or any other form of association.
  • The main concern of SpirifyYourLife is to share knowledge and to encourage awareness.
  • While being entirely autonomous and independent, SpirifyYourLife contains comprehensive knowledge about »the good life« taken from modern psychology, sciences, major religions and philosophy, without actually being part of one of them.
  • The founders of SpirifyYourLife are Ruediger Schache (wisdom teacher, speaker and internationally renowned bestselling author) and his wife Nicole Diana Engelhardt (wisdom and meditation teacher with a practice for coaching and naturopathy, seminar leader).
  • The names of experts involved are listed in the respective contributions.
  • Spirify® and spirified® are legally protected wordmarks.