How is the story of your life created?

How did the story of your life you look back to today develop?

How does the story of your life that you will look back to in the months and years to come develop? Your story with all its relationships, achieved goals, fulfilled wishes and all the imponderables and wonders that are still to come?

The story of your life develops because you write it yourself every moment of your life. You are thinking thoughts, feeling emotions, saying and doing things that will collectively cause something to happen. Today, tomorrow, in a week’s or month’s time you will lay the foundation for what is to come in the future.

These events will then happen to you. For some of them you will think »That worked out well.« For others, you will think »This is not how I wanted it to be.« And yet for other events you will believe in fate or chance, because you do not see any connection to yourself at this time.

This is a simple and yet great truth, as it means that you are able to write the story of your relationships and aims yourself very consciously, having the right knowledge and acting accordingly.

The screenplay for the story of your life

  • Your personal life consists of the things that happen to you and what you make of it.
  • You have only limited influence on what will happen to you, but you can fully control what you make of it.
  • Everything that you make of it is in turn the result of all decisions that you take.
  • You arrive at your decisions based on your thoughts and emotions. Those thoughts and emotions are a consequence of the correspondence between your heart and your mind.
  • When something feels peaceful and right within you, your heart and mind are in harmony.
  • However, if you feel nervous, useless, aggressive or dissatisfied, your heart and your mind are in a conflict with the world around you.
  • If you are interested in knowing why certain things happen in your life and how you can easily connect your heart, your mind and the relationships and events in your life in every situation, then the SpirifyYourLife path to wisdom is just right for you.