6x This is You !

1 SpiriMind | Thoughts

Most of your life emerges from your mind. Even 10% of a real and true observation are enough to add 90% personal ideas in order to experience a seemingly 100% true story. Thoughts about your body, your outer appearance, your emotions, a failure, a remark, a relationship… It is not what happened that is the true story of your life, but what you think about the things that happened.

The story of the thoughts about life is in the end always a story about yourself and your EGO. With the SpirifyApp, you no longer leave such events to chance. Instead, your life stories will always turn out right in the end.

2 SpiriSoul | Feelings

Your ability to understand and deal with your own and others’ feelings correlates directly with the quality of your life as perceived by you. The better you understand, accept and integrate feelings and nonfeelings in others and yourself, the more relaxed you will master the ups and downs of life. As a result, your thoughts will be unburdened and your strength, inner stability and contentment will increase.

The world of emotions can at times be so diverse and immediate that it may be misunderstood by others or even by yourself. The SpirifyApp will help you become a master in dealing with emotions of any type and intensity.

3 SpiriLove | Relationships

Your relationships with other people and with yourself form together the most important part of your life, your thoughts and emotions. Any step that improves one of these relationships, will therefore also improve your entire life. The essential and most effective power to achieve this is love. At the same time, the topic of love is subject to many misconceptions, emotions and problems.

The logic of love functions completely different to the logic of the rest of your life. By using the SpirifyApp you will understand and experience better what love actually is and where is exists. As a result, your relationships with others will improve, stabilise and become clearer.

4 SpiriLife | Actions

Other people don’t know about your thoughts and they cannot feel your emotions. But they experience your behaviour. The thoughts and emotions you have in their opinion are derived based on what you say and do. This is what they respond to. You have probably experienced how wrong others may be with their opinion about you. However, viewed from the outside, you are the sum of all your words and actions. You are what you say and dot.

The impact of actions may at times not turn out as planned. This is especially true of relationships. The SpirifyApp supports you on the path towards a clear, unequivocal and authentic behaviour. Thus, you can be completely yourself in any situation.

5 SpiriMagnet | Attraction

Perhaps you have already experienced that as soon as you change something within you, people and things around you that you apparently had no influence on so far change as well. But only apparently. The truth is that you are a magnet for humans and events. Nothing in your life happens by chance, it has always something to do with the content of your heart magnet. You cannot change the fact that you actually do attract people and thingsin some way. But you can change what you attract.

The attraction of your heart magnet thus affects the outer world at any time. Every element of wisdom changes the content of this magnet in such a positive manner that you will be able to see the results immediately or shortly after also in the outside world.

6 SpiriYou | Future Me

You are always yourself, but in the future you will still be different. Your future personality will have more events, relationships, experiences, thoughts, emotions, knowledge and wisdom than today. It will be able to plan, act and respond differently and better. What it can rely on in doing so, depends on the knowledge and awareness that you gain today and tomorrow and all of the coming valuable days.

The future version of you uses precisely this amount of knowledge and the wisdom that you will have gained until then, comparable with the content of a suitcase. The SpirifyApp increases wisdom and provides ways for your future ego – every day and in a simple and effective manner.