The Spirify Story

Every story begins with one important question

Why didn’t I know before? Why haven’t I seen it all the time? Why am I doing the wrong things, although I know what is right? Wherein lies the deeper meaning of the things that I experience? How could this happen to me?

The search for great answers begins with truly big questions. That’s what also happened to us, Ruediger Schache and Nicole Diana, the founders of SpirifyYourLife, many years ago. We have experienced all these things ourselves, and this is the reason why we’re so successful today with what we do with all our heart.

Every new course in life calls for our answers

What do I do now? What is my destiny? What does my soul want? What should I choose?

We will be facing these questions again and again, as life brings them up. It is like a test we can use to determine how far we have come on our path of knowledge. However, it is not always that easy.

Daily life wants to pull us down in our consciousness. Wisdom wants to raise it. We therefore support wisdom in every possible way.

We know how valuable knowledge is. At the same time, we know how many forces in everyday life want to pull us down into unconsciousness. Emotions, stress, demands, other opinions, distractions… Life tends to deprive us again and again of the clarity and knowledge we have gained. We forget what we actually knew before. Sometimes we even forget who we really are.

Having access to wisdom when one needs it, is not a matter of course. So, what can we do?

A wise person is someone who thinks, speaks and acts wisely. This is not always natural, as many people and situations can put us in a state in which we are unable to think, speak and act wisely. Instead, we react automatically. This is normal, but we can change it. If we are used to thinking wise thoughts, we will also be able to do so in more challenging situations. This happens automatically. By practicing wise thoughts, we don’t allow unconsciousness to take over in a certain situation.

Our question was: How can people practice that effortlessly?

This was the moment, when the SpirifyYourLife story began

Our dream was to develop a path to activate and maintain the knowledge and understanding about the »good life« in every person who seeks it. A kind of companion that is always there to provide advice and support.

Our solution: We have developed an app that allows its users to think wise thoughts in a playful manner every day, showing wise perspectives and proposing wise actions. Thus, more and more of it will flow into your everyday life. This increasing amount of wisdom acts like a magnet attracting even more positive things in life.

Thus, at the same time, the sum of positive things in the world increases, and we can fulfil our lifelong dream of making the world a better place.