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Your Life follows a Plan

What exactly is your soul longing for? Where does life want to lead you? How can you identify and follow the personal reason and meaning of your life?

How can you find out what the meaning of your personal life is? How does the state of deep happiness arise, and how can you reach it?

Such deeply rooted questions for the true reason for our individual being and existence distinguish us as human beings. To answer them we need to understand that every one of us has their individual destiny. Therefore, we all have different tasks in life. What means fulfilment of all wishes for one may be of no importance for the other. What one person loves may cause rejection in someone else.

This book decodes the meaning of the soul’s tasks and it shows you how you can reveal the individual plan of your life. You will learn to decode the language of the events in your life, allowing you to recognize the all-encompassing order behind everything.

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Your Heart is a Magnet

Who enters your life and when, what exactly does this person do and why? What do the events have to do with you and how can you change what you attract?

Nothing in your life happens by coincidence. People and events don’t come into your life without reason. How your relationships arise and develop has nothing to do with good luck or bad luck. It happens because a power causes the things to happen. We are all united by this power. It is the reason why we find each other or not. It determines how we feel and act. And it determines if love can happen.

As soon as you understand this power and consciously develop it, you will attract exactly those people and events in your life you are longing for.

Describing ten secrets and accompanied by a variety of real-life examples and practical instructions, this book reveals the essence of comprehensive knowledge about relationships. As soon as you open up yourself to this knowledge, you will attract people and events that really belong to you.

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