Wisdom for your life – Always there for you.

Step by Step… With a lot of pleasure. How does the Spirify app assist you?

Clear insights, wise decisions, wise behaviour… The SpirifyApp is always with you, because your smartphone is always with you. This means that you can look into the app as often as you like and in almost any situation without anyone knowing what you are doing. The app is your secret companion and guide in all situations of life. It can help you find holistically good ways and solutions for your relationships, your thoughts and your life.

Remember the following scientific facts about your consciousness:

1 Intelligence

Your human mind has a virtually unlimited potential for achieving things, if it gets the opportunities and ways to do so. It just needs enough time and the knowledge how to apply it.

2 Everyday life

In everyday life, your mind is focused on dealing primarily with the day-to-day needs and problems, regardless of their importance to your life as a whole.

3 Endless thoughts

When there is a problem, your mind looks for solutions as this is precisely what it was made for by nature. You can’t do anything about it. The result: Your thoughts will not leave you in peace until you have found a solution.

4 Repetitive loops

Without new mental impulses your mind uses well-known thinking and behavioural patterns, even if they haven’t been quite successful so far. The result: Recurring relationship patterns and situations.

5 Old Impetus

When you seek advice from friends and acquaintances, they will give you impetus that arise from their own life, experiences, opinions and preferences. They may or may not be the ideal solution for you.

6 New impetus

If provided with new information, impetus and suggestions, your mind can find new solutions about a certain topic and start practicing new thinking and behavioural patterns.

7 Integration

Only frequent and regular thinking of new thoughts (e.g. through reading) strengthens them in a way that they will be available to you in a specific situation. The more you enjoy and succeed in using them, the faster your mind will be able to learn new things.

8 Joy

When you are inspired and excited by something, your mind learns in an easy and playful manner and desires more of it. Therefore, SpirifyYourLife focuses on ease, beauty, joy, applicability and success.

9 Every day

Every day, the app will remind you of truths, values and aims. It supports you in your thoughts and actions for a good life. Thus, you can add the »power of wisdom« toyour everyday life in a playful manner.

10 In short

Every palace and every piece of art are the result of many daily thoughts and actions. Also, your life and your relationships are the result of many daily thoughts and actions. Our Spirify app provides valuable steps to gradually improve your life.



The path of the SpirifyApp

If you grasp only one positive, true and meaningful thought for your lifeeach day for 3-5 minutes, your life will become a growing collection of valuable thoughts, emotions and actions.