Look forward to the Good Life. Get the Wisdom App.

What is the value of wisdom?

  • Significantly improved relationships and partnership
  • Higher self-esteem and less doubt
  • Inner stability in every situation
  • Emotional security and clarity
  • Making the right decisions
  • Finding and keeping meaning and path
  • Mental clarity and powerful decisions
  • Reassurance and liberation from thought loops

The power of wisdom improves life in all fields. So what is the value of an app that is able to improve all this?

It is difficult for us to name this because for us wisdom is worth everything. Because wisdom has led us out of Plato’s Cave into a bright and colourful life with purpose, wonderful relationships and a fulfilling partnership. To us, nothing is more worth than that. We have dedicated our lives to wisdom, so what can we say about its value?

Therefore, we have asked other people. Many other people. This is what they replied:

»A usual day of classes costs about two to four times as much as this app. A personal consultation costs twice as much as this app. Going out with friends costs about as much as this app. Filling the tank of my car, buying a shirt or a pair of shoes, going skiing, enjoying a spa day, …”

And so on.

The app offers so much more value for our lives than all the above-mentioned things. At the same time, everyone who wants or needs it should be able to have it.

We have listened carefully and decided the following:

  •  No subscription. No in-app purchases. Unlimited access.
  • The app is now available. This means that you can join us from the very beginning and see how the knowledge and wisdom increase and build up within the app and within yourself.
  • For 75 Euros – only once – you get unlimited access to all content – now and in the future.

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